How Teenagers make millions from Roblox

jailbreak gameplay

The possibilities are endless for a young developer on the popular gaming website Roblox. The limits of their creativity are only blocked by the limits of their mind. Not surprisingly then, these creations have turned into an immense cash-flow for everyday teenagers that have brought their love for coding and creativity to the Roblox platform. It’s an opportunity that comes with a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, and passion for video games. But, it’s possible due to a particular program that Roblox invented for its most famous developers.

How Does Roblox Encourage Developers?

The basis of making money on Roblox is rather simple. In January 2014, Roblox created a program for developers on the site: DevEx. This allows for the most popular creators on the site to have the opportunity to make real money from the games that they create on Roblox. The exclusive group of the most popular developers is inspiring for the community of creators on the site and influences them to keep producing the games that Roblox is known for and that users love.


Are Game Creators Compensated?

The system surrounds the currency established throughout the site, Robux. Developers can turn Robux that they have earned through their games through micro-transactions (at least 100,000 Robux) into cold hard cash. They have the opportunity to “cash-out” monthly and get paid for their hard work on some of the sites more lucrative games. Only a couple hundred developers on Roblox are involved with the program, but some teenagers have turned this opportunity for amateur developers into a million-dollar gig. Some also say that the developers are compensated with a way to get free robux. But we can’t confirm whether this is true or not.

How Did “Jailbreak” Builder Make Millions?

Most jobs that people get in high school have more to do with flipping burgers in a fast food restaurant or folding shirts at a clothing store in the mall. They barely make minimum wage, doing jobs that usually don’t correlate to what they want to be when they grow up. But, 18-year-old Alex Balfanx spent most of his high school years learning how to code and creating games on Roblox. He built his profile on the site when he was eight-years-old, as just a typical user on the site. At 18, he’s developed many different games for the Roblox platform. The most popular of the games is a cops and robbers themed game that he invented with a couple of his friends he met from the site, “Jailbreak,” which came out early in 2016. The game became an overnight success, bringing 75,000 people that were simultaneously playing the game overnight.

How Did “Jailbreak” Smash Roblox Records?

The incredible part about this is that the success was constant and has only gotten greater. In December 2017, the development group along with Balfanx reported that they were getting 100 thousand concurrent plays every single day. Jailbreak is currently one of the most played games on Roblox with over 600 million visits overall. The game is constantly setting firsts for the Roblox platform, such as getting over 120 thousand players on “Jailbreak” at the same time in December 2017. If you’ve ever been on the Roblox site, you’ve probably heard of the mega-popular game “Jailbreak.”

How Much Money Has “Jailbreak” Creator Earned?

The success of “Jailbreak” has gotten Balfanx a pretty penny this year, which is reportedly a “seven-figure” income. He’s gotten enough money to finance a college education at Duke University, which something that a lot of young adults would be excited about. Who wouldn’t want to make that much money doing something that they loved, like making video-games?

Who Else Has Found Success on Roblox?

Roblox doesn’t just have these opportunities open for American teenagers, they’ve also extended these out to developers all over the world. One of those developers that is the most popular on Roblox is Lithuanian 19-year-old Laimonas Mieska. But, if you’re an active Roblox user, you probably know him as Loleris. He’s been making games on Roblox for the past five years. He’s even created his development group through Roblox, called Mad Studios. He has a handful of popular games, but his most famous is “The Mad Murderer.” The game boasts 66 million visits to date. The game is so popular that he even created a sequel that was only released earlier this year but still has four million views. In a 2015 interview with Business Insider, Mieska proclaimed that he had made more than a hundred thousand dollars through the DevEx program. Over the years his most successful games have grown tremendously, and it’s very likely that Balfanx has made an incredible amount of money through the Roblox system.

The sky’s the limit for Roblox creators, and the possibilities are endless to make a living creating games on Roblox. Roblox has established a revolutionary system in their DevEx program. If you’re interested in video game development, then Roblox might be an excellent place to put in the effort towards making your dreams come true. If you have the drive, ambition, and creativity of these teenagers, then you might have a chance as well.

Know that making millions from developing Roblox tools is possible, but that it’s a very small percentage of people pulling it off. Make sure that your kid has limitations on how much he can play the game. This is the best way of allowing him to truly enjoy it when he plays.